Person-Centered Counseling for Families, Couples and Individuals

Lynn Ranew, Ph.D.


Dr. Lynn Ranew sees each individual as having the strengths and abilities to solve problems and create stable, connected lives. However, during times of stress and transition, families and individuals may feel overwhelmed and stuck. Counseling at these transition phases may prove helpful as individuals understand the source of the stress, manage communication and decision making, and mobilize the resources to create happier and more satisfying lives.  Transitions such as young adults leaving home, marriage, becoming a parent, career changes, teens coming of age, trauma, death of a loved one, illness, divorce and retirement can all create significant challenges as individuals adapt to the changes and choices of their lives. Supportive, person-centered therapy can be a tool that helps individuals create the lives they choose to fully live.

Specializing in the areas of

· Trauma Recovery

· Youth Coming of Age

· Women in Transition


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