Thursdays 6:007:00 pm

Women in Transition 45+

A group for women 45+ who are figuring out how to live the second half of their lives fully. This group is a community of peers that provides support, learning and caring for each other as important life transitions are made. Come be part of a group seeking to live everyday fully and completely.


Thursdays 7:308:30 pm

Women in Transition 22+

This group is for young women making decisions about career, relationships, children and more. Come be part of a caring community that will help you find yourself as you create your world.


First & Third Thursdays 12 Noon

Supervision Group

Professionals seeking supervision groups have an opportunity to think deeply about their clinical work and have their work strengthened in the presence of caring and supportive colleagues lead by seasoned clinical staff.





Person-Centered Counseling for Families, Couples and Individuals

Lynn Ranew, Ph.D.



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