Do you take insurance?

Some insurance covers mental health counseling. Please check with your carrier. Dr. Ranew asks that you pay for counseling at the time the service is rendered. Once a month, insurance will be billed with the dollars directed to you reimbursing payments based on your insurance.

Who comes to counseling?

We have answered the phone, when the person on the other end began the conversation with, “I’m not crazy, but…”  Psychotherapy services are for individuals seeking to make changes in their lives and feel better prepared to manage the relationships, stressors and demands.  It is not about mental illness.  It is about mental wellness.

What kind of payment do you accept?

The practice accepts cash and personal check.  At this time we are unable to process charge card or debit card payments.

Is there a waiting list?

When individuals are in distress, timeliness of response is important.  Dr. Ranew tries to schedule appointments within one week to 10 days based on the client’s needs.

Do you prescribe medications?

Medications are not prescribed, but we may work with psychiatrists who  monitor and manage medications for you.

Do you share information with others?

Dr. Ranew releases information only with the client’s written consent. The release may be with your doctor, psychiatrist or family members whom you wish to be part of the counseling or be informed about the counseling.  All licensed professionals have a “duty to protect” and a “duty to warn.”  These duties, spelled out by law, require therapist to report suspected child abuse or neglect and elder abuse and neglect. We also have an obligation to warn and protect if there is fear of eminent harm to self or others.




Person-Centered Counseling for Families, Couples and Individuals

Lynn Ranew, Ph.D.

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